In this page of the Directory you’ll find a list of all films relating to music. The Page has been divided into 2 sections – Opera and Movies.
As this page is a work in progress it will be updated with more comprehensive information as time goes on. If you are aware of film that is not featured on this list, or if there is a problem with any of the links or videos, please send me a message HERE.



Operas in this section have been subdivided into 2 categories – by those made for film (movies) and those which are recordings of live performances. Movies are organised by year of production, and Filmed Productions are organised alphabetically by composer.

1975 – The Magic Flute – comp. Mozart. dir. Ingmar Bergman //

In Sweedish – originally a made for television film of the opera it also premiered in Cannes

2006 – The Magic Flute – comp. Mozart. dir. Kenneth Branagh //


Filmed Productions




this section contains Movies concerned with Music – it is divided into 3 parts: movies, documentaries, and other related videos. Each section is organised by year of production.

Amadeus (1984) dir. Miloš Forman //post.trailer

The Piano (1993) dir. Jane Campion //



Other Related Videos