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Fringe World Festival

An annual festival in the Northbridge precinct that focuses on innovative local talent in genres as diverse as cabaret, comedy, music, theatre, and visual art – expect quirky sideshows, experimental concepts, and a beautiful beer garden (silent disco included). Classical Music offerings veer more towards crossover than typical, but are definitely worth checking out. 

Festival tip: keep an eye on the (cheap) rush tickets released everyday of the festival at 11am

The 2016 festival will run from Friday 22nd January to Sunday 21st February

Registrations for venues and artists to participate with the 2016 Festival will open in July 2015.


Perth International Arts Festival

This is when the big guns come to town – international acts, particularly for classical music, that are slick and well deserving of their reputation. It’s definitely worth seeing as much as this festival as you can.

Festival tip: book early as the really good shows have a habit of selling out

the 2016 festival will run from 12th February til the 6th March


Fairbridge Festival

An annual celebration of folk and world music – with over 100 acts performing in a self-contained village (camping possible) over 3 days it’s something different to the usual festival vibe.

festival tip: bring a group of friends, this festival is best experienced as part of a camping road trip!

The 2016 festival will run from 15th – 17th April




The Perth International Jazz Festival

Established by Graham Wood in 2012 the festival brings distinguished international and national performers to Perth.

Festival tip: plan your day!! there’s so much going on over the weekend that you need to plan ahead.

the festival normally runs over a weekend in May/June


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Totally Huge New Music Festival

A biannual festival run by Tura New Music that celebrates new music in all its forms – from classical compositions to computer-generated music – anything that shares the theme of exploring new possibilities in music and sound.

festival tip: there’s a lot of diversity in the programs so pick things that look interesting to you and go with an open mind!!

the next (13th) festival will run in 2017, most likely in June
brahms festival3
WASO festival

Though not yet officially established as an annual festival (though we hope it will be!), WASO and Asher Fisch are bringing back the format of last year’s 2014 Beethoven festival with the Brahms festival in 2015 when over 2 weekends WASO will play all of Brahms’ concertos and symphonic works. Last year’s festival was a huge success with rave reviews for in incumbent conductor and Fisch’s performance earned him a nomination for the 2015 Helpamnn awards (best individual performance).

Festival tip: unlike the usual pattern of the WASO season, Friday and Saturday performances in the Festival have different programs, so bear that in mind when planning.

The 2015 Brahms festival will run over two weekends in August (20th-29th)

Other Music Festivals in Perth

Of course there are a heap of other music festivals that happen in Perth every year that don’t involve classical music, and here’s a basic list of those contemporary music festivals – So if you so fancy widening your horizons check them out too!!
st Jerome’s laneways festival //January
Blues and Roots//MArch
Splendour in the Grass//