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MOVIE: Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Trollfl√∂jten’, or ‘The Magic Flute’

the Magic Flute Bergman

This week the UWA Film society have a series of screenings focusing on the work of Ingmar Bergman – yesterday’s screening was ‘Wild Strawberries’, and tomorrow they will be showing ‘Virgin Spring’, and so I think it’s only fitting to now post about Bergman’s film version of The Magic Flute.¬† Made in 1975 for Sweedish …

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Pride and Prejudice – We neither of us perform to strangers

pride and prejudice - we neither of us perform to strangers

It’s nice to dive in and start learning, obsessing, over things. My re-encounter with Pride and Prejudice is one such thing. I love the book, and I love the BBC adaptation (separately, differently, equally). I wouldn’t consider myself a soppy romantic, and certainly not one inclined to fixate upon a fictional character, but it is …

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