'All the Musical Things Happen in Perth' is an independently run blog that was born of a desire to share and celebrate the Classical music scene in Perth. Inspired by the many musicians and music lovers who make and support the Arts, this space has become a base for discovering new ensembles, upcoming concerts, local news, and reviews of local performances. The proliferation of Classical concerts in Perth is a wonderful things and the variation and innovation of them is both rare and valuable. For such a small city Perth is prolific in its musical offerings, and with the recent startups of new orchestras and festivals the sheer number of performances being presented every year is substantial, and you would be hard pressed to find a day of the year where an excellent concert is not being presented.

Something about Me
In 2013 I presented my graduation recital which marked the end of my days as a music student. Since then I've felt a freedom to do what I like and decided to combine my love for music and my love for writing (which I have done online for many years, and in many forms) and the result is this Site - I wouldn't exactly call it a Blog, nor is it a professional website - it's something between the two where I write about my experience of music, my thoughts on the Perth Classical Music Scene, share interesting discoveries, and obsessively cataloging the classical concerts of Perth. As I have a particular liking for collecting and sharing things I have tried to make this as comprehensive as possible, though it is still a work in progress (so please forgive any unfinished pages). I love Music and consider it a privilege to spend my time writing about about it.
- Ruth

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