The Piano (1993) – Jane Campion

“You know, I am thinking of the piano. She does not play the piano like we do, Nessie. Up. Up! No, she is a strange creature. And her playing is strange, like a mood that passes into you. Up! Now, your playing is plain and true, and that is what I like. To have a sound creep inside you is not at all pleasant”

And creep inside of you is what this movie does – takes you and holds you, but is not stupidly romantic, or at least to me it does not feel false. It is a perfectly made thing, perfectly balanced, and yes everything from the acting to the scripting to the editing to the music itself serves perfectly, fits perfectly. I find that in watching it it is a deeply cathartic experience, as it builds so much towards to end. I remember the last time I watched it I couldn’t get it out of my mind. In any event it’s nice to see a film that shows music as I see it – not the endpoint of life, but a part that is maybe needed, or at least very much missed when gone. This semester I’ve played so little as I find I’ve no time between uni and working and other things and I miss it. Michael Nyman‘s music serves the film so well, and maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s the film as a whole, but some part of it all is bewitching, and of course beautiful.

Anyway, tomorrow the UWA Film Society is showing Jane Campion’s The Piano, and it’s certainly worth watching – if you need the nudge here it is; it won a few acadamy awards including best picture, and the cannes’ Palm d’or, and it has Holly Hunter, Harvey Kietel, Anna Pacquin, and Sam Neil starring.

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for those interested and around the UWA Film Society will be hosting a free screening of this film in the Social Sciences’ Lecture Theater at 7pm, Wednesday 15th October 2014