THIS WEEK 1st September//7th September 2014

So yesterday marked the end of WASO’s Beethoven Festival and though I didn’t make it to any of the concerts, I’ve heard it was well attended and on all accounts a success – so props to Asher Fisch (the alleged driving force behind the festival) – next year’s festival was announced to be the Brahms festival – how do I know? Well WASO announced their 2015 season this week so it felt a little bit like Christmas (I get more than a bit excited by next season announcements – such potential!!) not just because I spent a good few days at work unpacking christmas decorations, and so yes, at the three quarter mark the year is already over – let the good things from next year begin already!! But yes, everyone is announcing their ’15 seasons – ACO, Musica Viva, and part of the PIAF festival, but WASO is the first company (that I know of) in WA to announce.

And what am I doing? Well right now I’m sicksicksick and achy and tired and doing assignments, so thank goodness my cat is here to comfort me, and thank goodness there aren’t many concerts on this week. If you are looking for something to do – the WA Ballet is doing La Fille Mal Grandee, and further afield in Brisbane the American Ballet Theater is currently performing, But I for one will be sleeping and listening to the soothing sounds of orchestral Debussy.

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