2015 Season Announced – WASO

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New season program announcements make me very happy, and very excited, and I do doubt that you could possibly fathom the extent of my excitement. So much. Anyway, so announcements for the 2015 concert seasons have begun – just last week ACO announced their season (and as you know they tour a large percentage of their shows to Perth) but today WASO was the first West Australian company to announce their season.

It is only August and some may say that it’s a bit too early to be talking about next year’s program when there is still so much left of this year’s – and I do think that in announcing it, it does take away from the excitement for the remaining concerts of this year, as you begin to look to the many exciting things in store for next year. Still, I suppose it is almost September and if department stores are already prepped for Christmas, then it may very well be appropriate for artistic companies to be talking about the new year.

First impressions: as expected the repertoire is 90% standard orchestral repertoire, with 10% of new, modern, or more obscure works – most notably there will be two world premiers (Ledger and Turnage). I do tend to moan about the imbalance of new and modern works performed as I would prefer something closer to a 80/20 split in favour of new works, but I’d be happy enough settling for a 50/50 split, but that’s just me. It seems that following the success of the Beethoven Festival this year, next year will play host to the Brahms festival (but what will they do in 2016? Bartok? Bruckner? Britten? Bach? none of those seem orchestrally-typical enough – maybe Mahler instead). On the more populist side of things 2015 will also be the conclusion of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy – a concert series which has been immensely popular.

BUT, as usual the excitement of WASO’s season lies with their performers – the soloists and conductors, both local and international, who are the headlining acts – the drawcards of the concerts. Perhaps the most significant musician to be joining WASO this year is cellist Mischa Maisky, one of the worlds most well known cellists, who will be performing in March. On a more national level the talents of conductor Diego Matheuz, and oboist Diana Doherty are to be looked forward to, as is the annual concert with conductor Simone Young. I am happy to see that the remarkable musicians of Perth will be well represented as soloists this year with Paul Wright (violin), Shaun Lee-Chen (violin), and Rod McGrath (cello) taking their proper place in the spotlight.

So on the whole it looks like a good year for WASO! They’re still looking for a concert-master after the disappearance of Giulio Plotino, and the search for one will probably go on for another year or two, and added to the resignations of long-term associate concert master Margaret Blades and new principal viola Giovanni Pasini this year it could be a disruptive time for WASO, though I hope not! Hopefully our young and local players like Shaun Lee-Chen and Semra Lee-Chen will have more of an opportunity to lead instead!

To read the 2015 season brochure click here// or HERE
for more information see WASO//2015 season subscriptions are now on sale
A more detailed schedule will be posted on ‘all the musical things happen in Perth’ closer to the end of the year


MARCH 13 & 14 Fri & Sat Sarah Chang Plays Bruch Masters 1 Perth Concert Hall
19 Thu Rhapsody in Blue Morning 1 Perth Concert Hall
20 & 21 Fri & Sat Rhapsody in Blue Classics 1 Perth Concert Hall
27 & 28 Fri & Sat Mischa Maisky in Concert Masters 2 Perth Concert Hall
APRIL 10 & 11 Fri & Sat The Music of James Bond Special Event 1 Perth Concert Hall
16 Thu Ravishing Rachmaninov Morning 2 Perth Concert Hall
17 & 18 Fri & Sat Ravishing Rachmaninov Classics 2 Perth Concert Hall
23 Thu ANZAC Commemorative Concert Special Event 2 Perth Concert Hall
30 Thu Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Morning 3 Perth Concert Hall
MAY 1 & 2 Fri & Sat Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Classics 3 Perth Concert Hall
8 & 9 Fri & Sat Sibelius’ Fifth Symphony Masters 3 Perth Concert Hall
JUNE 4 Thu Pictures at an Exhibition Morning 4 Perth Concert Hall
5 & 6 Fri & Sat Pictures at an Exhibition Masters 4 Perth Concert Hall
12 & 13 FrI & Sat The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Special Event 3 Riverside Theatre, PCEC
19 & 20 Fri & Sat Carmina Burana Classics 4 Perth Concert Hall
22 – 28 Mon – Sun Education Week Community Event Perth Concert Hall
27 Sat The Rusty Orchestra Community Event Perth Concert Hall
28 Sun Rhythm in Your Rubbish Family 1 Perth Concert Hall
28 Sun WASO’s Open Day Community Event Perth Concert Hall
JULY 2 Thu The Romantic Cello Morning 5 Perth Concert Hall
3 & 4 Fri & Sat The Romantic Cello Classics 5 Perth Concert Hall
31 Fri Diana Doherty Plays Mozart Classics 6 Perth Concert Hall
AUGUST 1 Sat Diana Doherty Plays Mozart Classics 6 Perth Concert Hall
7 & 8 Fri & Sat Simone Young Conducts Fauré’s Requiem Masters 5 Perth Concert Hall
21 Fri Pinchas Zukerman Plays Brahms Brahms 1 Perth Concert Hall
22 Sat Brahms’ Double Concerto Brahms 2 Perth Concert Hall
28 Fri Garrick Ohlsson Plays Brahms’ First Brahms 3 Perth Concert Hall
29 Sat Garrick Ohlsson Plays Brahms’ Second Brahms 4 Perth Concert Hall
SEPTEMBER 3 Thu Asher Fisch Conducts Tchaikovsky Morning 6 Perth Concert Hall
4 & 5 Fri & Sat Asher Fisch Conducts Tchaikovsky Masters 6 Perth Concert Hall
OCTOBER 2 & 3 Fri & Sat Tchaikovsky’s Winter Dreams Classics 7 Perth Concert Hall
15 Thu Dvořák’s New World Morning 7 Perth Concert Hall
16 & 17 Fri & Sat Dvořák’s New World Masters 7 Perth Concert Hall
NOVEMBER 1 Sun Symphonic Sorcery: The Music of Harry Potter Family 2 Perth Concert Hall
19 Thu Mahler’s Titan Morning 8 Perth Concert Hall
20 & 21 Fri & Sat Beethoven & Mahler Masters 8 Perth Concert Hall
26, 27 & 28 Thu, Fri & Sat Ravel’s Bolero Classics 8 Perth Concert Hall
DECEMBER 3 & 4 Thu & Fri James Morrison & WASO: A Journey Through Jazz Special Event 4 Perth Concert Hall
12 Saturday Symphony in the City Community Event Langley Park