L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire

I am a sucker for anything music-related and from manuscript prints to funny puns I love it all – the cheesier the better. Anyway, a few days ago I was wandering through the makeup aisle and I spotted these lip lacquers that promised a revolution in lip colour with their oil infused colour pigments, but what hooked me were the names – I ended up getting 301 Rogue Soprano and 304 Ruby Opera, because I am partial to a red lip. Anyway I thought this would tickle the fancy of some fellow music lovers so here are more details, and a list of the other shades – enjoy!!


101 Rose Melody

102 Rose Finale

201 Rose Symphony

204 Tangerine Sonata

301 Rouge Soprano

304 Ruby Opera

400 Fruisha Drama

500 Molto Mauve

600 Nude Vibrato

601 Nude Ballet

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Colour Riche Extraordinaire

Our first lip lacquer infused with precious micro oils.
Richer than a lipstick, shinier than a gloss and smoother than a balm, Colour Riche Extraordinaire has revolutionised lip colour with a liquid lipstick developed with micro oils. While traditional lipsticks use waxes that can dull colour, oils infuse with colour pigments to reveal their full richness and reflect light for extraordinairy depth, shine and nourishment.