Revelation: Perth International Film Festival


The 2014 Revelation Perth International Film Festival begins today and runs til the 13th July. The selection of films offered is always a good mix of local and international independent films, and the festival’s special events are always interesting. This year I’m very keen to see Locke (starring Tom Hardy), Under the Skin, Wakolda, and The Internet’s Own Boy (documentary), and a few ‘special events’ that are look quite good – the Revel-8 showcase (13th July, 8pm, Luna Leederville), the WAAPA film course showcase FAVOURITES (7th July, 6:30pm, Luna Leederville, free) and the panel discussion of Magnolia’s Revelation Special (7th July, 7:30pm, Bill’s Bar and Bites, Leederville).

Below is a selection of films that are in some way connected with music. The 4 documentaries (Harlem Street Singer, Old Man, Led Zeppelin Played here and So Wrong They’re Right) are all concerned with popular music and the culture scenes that surround it – there’s jazz, a small town record store, a rock band, and 8-track tapes. The only feature film in this year’s program that focuses on music is the Israeli drama Snow on Pines – which is about a piano teacher. Revel-8 is a screening of competition films – the soundtrack for each was created by local composition students from WAAPA. There’s also a short film (Emo (the Musical)) that’s screening with the feature film To Be Takei. The full program for the festival can be found HERE and more details of the festival can be found HERE.


Harlem Street Singer
Friday 4th July 8pm, Luna Leederville
Saturday 5th July 6pm, SX
Tuesday 8th July 6:30pm, Luna Leederville
Thursday 10th July 8:45pm, Luna Leederville

Documentary. Tells the story of a legendary musician Reverend Gary Davis, tracing his life from playing the tobacco stations of the rural south through to the streets of Harlem. Reverend Davis could play them all: gospel, blues, folks and popular ragtime songs, twisting each according to the audience, and giving all his own unique sound. His influence extended to the likes of contemporaries such as Leadbelly and Woody Githrie, and later to the emergent folk scene of the late-50s and 60s with musicians such as Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia and others.

Led Zeppelin Played Here
Saturday 5th July 2pm, SX
Tuesday 8th July 8:30pm, Paradiso
Saturday 12th July 9:30pm, Luna Leederville

Documentary. Jeff Krulik – legendary director of Heavy Metal Parking Lot – returns with this feature length celebration of late sixties / early seventies rock and one very cool, suburban high-schools and youth centres where local promoters unleashed some incredible shows: The Stooges, Spirit, James Brown, Alice Cooper and many others. But the show that at least some people remember is Led Zeppelin, who played at the Wheaton Youth Centre, performing before an audience of fifty teenagers. With his trademark charm Jeff Krulik chats to the fans, promoters, psychedelic poster artists, photographers, filmmakers, local DJs and many others, trying to find out exactly when Led Zeppelin played at the youth centre. Did they perform? Is this a legendary show? Or myth? And does it matter? What follows is a joyous celebration of live music, community and the power of rock and roll!

Old Man
Saturday 5th July, 2pm, Lana Leederville
Wednesday 9th July, 6:30pm, Luna Leederville
Saturday 12th, 2pm, Luna Leederville

In Old Man multi-award winning director Dan Schneidkraut focuses primarily on Andrew, his father. Andrew owns Albums on the Hill the last record store in town, and Old Man takes the audience through a world of long closed record stores, poetry, quiet cinemas, hardcore punk brawls, long forgotten gigs, extended and adopted families, parents, siblings, friends, casual violence and collectable vinyl. This is a world of empty lots, suburban side streets, record collecting, photographs, backrooms, poetry readings, car rides, piles of records, kitchen tables and holes punched in walls. A calendar fractured by Christmas and record store day. More than anything, it is a film about the background of life itself. There are precious few movies that really play like Old Man, in part a trip back to where the filmmaker grew-up and part an ode to lost time, yet simultaneously it is a celebration of lives living and lived. At one point Dan comments about never writing the great American novel, but perhaps – with its intergenerational narratives, almost-picaresque sense of character and evocative sense of space and time Old Man is a cinematic version of the very same impulse.

So Wrong, They’re Right (1995)
Saturday 5th July 5:15pm, Luna Leederville

Documentary. Twenty years ago filmmaker and fanzine editr Russ Forster and fellow enthusiast Dan Sutherland hit the road, undertaking a 10 000mile journey to explore the 8-track underground. Interviewing collectors, fans, enthusiasts, fanzine writers and musicians – including the legendary Gumball – all dedicated to 8-track tape. The ensuing film – So Wrong, They’re right is a righteous celebration of music, of 8 track, and of a community of people who believe in the joy of 8-track. For those unfamiliar with the medium, 8-track tapes provided soundtracks to many road trips and were the choice for many throughout the 60s and 70s. Abandoned as a commercial medium by the end of the 80s, in part due to the popularity of cassettes and the launch of CDs, the 8-track found a new lease of life amongst visionary collectors. These ‘trackers’ understood instinctively that 8-tracks were an essential and unique format and that, rather than being a forgotten media, they offer good music, often cheaply thanks to their availability at thrift stores.

Snow on Pines (Barf Roo-Ye Kajha)
Sunday 6th July, 6pm, Paradiso

Drama. Roya, a piano teacher (Mahnaz Afshar), realizes that her marriage to Ali is in a deadlock when she discovers some of her husband’s secrets. In the meantime she meets a young musician (played by indie actor Saber Abar) and has to make a painful choice. This directorial debut from writer and actor Payman Maadi (A Separation), evocatively filmed in black and white, scored best actress award for Mahnaz Afshar and best film and best script awards for Maadi at the 2013 Iranian Film Critics Guild Awards. From writer/director Payman Maadi. Cast Saber Abbar, Mahnaz Afshar, Vishka Asayesh, Hossein Pakdel, Bahare Riyahi.

Sunday 13th July, 8pm, Luna Leederville

Shorts/Competition. A series of short films screened as part of a competition – filmmakers had to shoot one reel of silent Super 8 film in-camera lasting just 3.5minutes, and composers had to composer and record a music soundtrack without meeting the director. Prizes to be awarded on the night include Best Film, Best music Soundtrack, Best cinematography and Audience Choice. Presented by Keith Smith, Co-ordinator Film and Video, ECU with thanks to Lindsay Vickery and the talented music composition students from WAAPA.

Emo (the Musical)
a SHORT FILM screening in conjunction with the feature film To Be Takei
Sunday 6th July, 8:30pm, Luna Leederville
Saturday 12th July, 6:45pm, Luna Leederville

Short. There is a strange holy war happening in the school as a group of Christian musicians and a group of Emos battle for the music room. Caught amongst this are Emo Ethan and good Christian girl Trinity, who are newly in love. Finding it hard enough to reconcile their own differences, they dread what will happen if their friends ever find out. As the turf war escalates and things turn serious, the star-crossed lovers are forced to make decisions that might cost them their friends, their place in school, and each other.



Festival Details

3rd – 13th July 2014

Full program available HERE.

Screening at various Luna cinemas, and some other locations.

Tickets are $17.5/15/13 (different for special events)

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